Is there a character limit to custom parameters

Building off mekkablue’s suggestion here, I have added elaborate custom parameters to remove and rename glyphs when exporting my fonts.

IIRC in testing this I found that all remove or rename glyphs had to be listed in one remove or replace parameter. A second remove command could be added, but only one would wind up being executed instead of all.

As a result, I wound up building very long, hard to proofread strings (e.g. 767 characters) for these parameters. I wonder if I have now exceeded some limit, because now on exporting .otfs I get an error report that “Glyph “ampersand” not in font” which was working before I appended a bunch more replacements in the same string in which the ampersand was addressed.

Glyphs will indeed only read one replace/remove parameter. I will fix that.


Any way to make copying and pasting of parameters possible too? That would be useful.

This is already implemented ;)
Will it be announced when the releases have this fixed?

I will mention it in the update release notes.

Good, thanks!

  1. Are the release notes available online or via the app somewhere?

  2. Was the change about reading more than one replace/remove parameter referenced in this thread implemented?

1: menu Help > Change Log

Always in the last place you look! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

Either this is a bug or I’m missing something:
With a new Glyphs file, I’ve made up an A, B, and C, and then on the instances sheet made up an instance with a custom parameter of Remove Glyphs B.
Shouldn’t the font that I export from that file be missing its B?

I could reproduce this. Seems like the Remove/Rename Glyphs parameter is broken in the latest beta. Thanks for reporting.

The problem There is mixup. The parameter used to start with a lower case “r” but the documentation now suggests a uppercase “R”. for now, use “remove Glyphs”.