Is there a feature to flag overlapping kerning pairs

I have edited an old typeface and changed some of glyphs, I know that I will now need to re-kern certain pairs but it would be useful to know which now overlap and need widening. Is there a way to flag the pairs for review without manually checking?

There is a plugin “Touché” in the plugin manager.

I have now installed it, but cannot find it in my menu anywhere?

In G2 it would be in the Edit dropdown; it is still not compatible with G3.

I got it installed on G2 now, but also having the same issue, have tried restarting with no luck either…

Do you get any error in the Macro panel. You might need to install the Modules in Preferences > Addons > Modules.

Yep that worked thanks!

I updated Touché for Glyphs 3.


you guys are on fire!

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I use the mekkablue script Kerning > Kern Crasher for that matter.