Is there a Glyphs version for Windows in making?


I am keeping myself updated with all the news related to Glyphs, and I am in complete love with Glyphs.

So much so that i borrowed a Mac from one of friends just to try Glyphs.

My problem is that I can’t afford a Mac and secondly my whole working ecosystem is based on Windows.

I am sure there are many Windows users who want to use Glyphs but have similar constrains.

Is there any chance of Glyphs being developed for Windows too?

Please consider that if the answer is no.

Thanks and regards.

We are sorry, we do not have the resources necessary for developing a Windows version. Read here why:

If you don’t want to buy a Mac, your best bet is turning one of your available PCs (with an Intel-CPU) into a Hackintosh (google it). You can set up a VM if you have an Intel-CPU, too, but that’s very little fun.