Is there a list for what order opentype features should be written in?

Is there a list for what order opentype features should be written in? I would like to check if there is anything in my current order that I should change.

There are some features that have a defined order (like the infamous rvrn). Most of the others can be ordered at will. All that matters is the order of the lookups. So it depends on what substitutions you have. e.g. it is a good idea to have the smcp feature before the liga feature. Because otherwise you need small caps versions of each ligature.

I see, thanks.

I have currently set my ccmp features up like this, though I had to add one at the end to substitute certain .locl glyphs. Are there any issues with separating certain opentype features like this?


Would it be possible to have a field to input names that’ll show up in the feature list beside the opentype code instead of the formal name of the feature?

It would be somewhat easier to find what ccmp feature I am looking for if they weren’t all listed as Glyph Composition / Decomposition. This can currently be done for ss01-ss30, though the reason why its enabled there is that those names get exported. Custom names for ccmp would only be something that would appear in Glyphs itself.

It could make sense to reuse the small text field that all features include, though I belive that field is meant for notes.
Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 23.53.27

Finding the right piece of code is the problem? Then I don’t understand why there is more than 3 ccmp’s: one pre-automation, one automated, one post-automation. They can all be in one feature entry. Inside the pre- and post-automation ccmp’s, organize the code in aptly-named lookups.

For this font it’s easier to keep the different composition and decomposition features in different ccmp entries. Combining them into three entries wouldn’t be very helpful.

Not exactly.