Is there a script to add a circle to the end of a monoline path?

This is probably a silly question, but I’ll venture anyway. Is there a script available that would function similar to Noodler, but instead of having an expanded path with rounded ends, it would terminate each end with a circle? For example, if the stroked path was 20px, the terminating circle would be 40px. In illustrator I’m doing it by adding a circle “arrow” to each end of the stroke. It got me wondering if there is a more efficient way to do it in Glyphs.

Noodler does that. Just that the circle radiuses Are the same as the stroke expansion. You can take the code and make your own based on it. It is open source.

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Is the source code? I’m just guessing, but would I do something like this?

circleAtThisPosition = self.drawCircle( circleCenter, noodleRadius * 2 )

Yes. Probably also a good idea to find and replace the word Noodler in and Info.plist.

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Thanks again! I surprised myself and got it working. So cool. This will be a time saver. My next task is to figure out how to make the circle radius a value that can be set rather than hard coded.

If you want to dig deeper into scripting, there are four Scripting Glyphs tutorials—and most plug-ins are open source, so you can simply peek inside, and learn from the existing code.


I may need to be satisfied with the hard coding of the number. Though I’m not a programmer, the Python pieces make sense to me. The .xib file makes some sense, though I’m not sure how the id and destination numbers get generated. The .nib looks like something that has to be compiled, or opened with a different editor. Interface Builder? There seem to be a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I’m not asking you to solve it for me. I just realized I was in deeper water than I expected.

You can edit the .xib in Xcode. Then you need to compile it into a .nib. How to do that is explained in the GlyphsSDK repo.

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