Is there a way to lock all selected glyphs kerning locks!

I foolishly assumed that I needed to “unlock” kerning locks to make them editable and now have a mess. Is there a command somewhere that does this or must I do my penance and manually look through every kerning pair I ever made?

Opening both locks creates a glyph-glyph kerning pair. Closing locks creates a group-group pair.

With Window > Kerning > :gear: > Compress you can turn glyph pairs to group pairs. Run it twice because it will turn glyph-glyph to group-glyph, and group-glyph (or glyph-group) to group-group.

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How will that action affect exceptions?

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The compress will not touch exceptions if there is a class+class pair already. But if you have an exception without that class pair, the exception will be copied to the class. That can lead to unexpected kerning.