Is there a way to seperate the Font view to a seperate Tab?

I found myself many times need to separate the Font view tab and see it on my second monitor, but I couldn’t find a way to do it. Is it even possible? Thanks a lot!

This has been a request as old as time itself, but sadly, this is currently not possible.

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Hard to believe. I think it’s essential.

There is the Glyph Panel. But it is intended for other things (but it might be possible to improve that).

What exactly do you like to use the font view?

I very rarely use it while working in an edit view, I use the Cmd+F dialog to add glyphs.

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Thank you @GeorgSeifert Cmd+F is not helping with what I need. I mostly need fast access to the Filters. And then open the glyphs in the filters in a separate window so I could use my two monitors. I think it’s essential for a better workflow. I’m working on a 32" display and it’s still very much needed. Thanks!

I just made a test. I have duplicated my file. And put one file on monitor 1 and the second file on monitor 2 and tried to work with the components. It’s a life changer. I truly think you should consider to allow users to split the windows like in any graphic app. Thanks.

What do you mean by that?

I mean, that I could scroll between my components in the Font view in one display, And could make better decisions about what components to use. And then place them in my current glyph in the other display. (I wish I could copy/Paste it with the Special Paste to the open glyph tho). I know that I could use cmd+D and see the list. But it’s not the same as the Font view. Maybe the user can decide if to see it as a list or as it shows in the Font view. That can actually help. But still, working with two monitors is so much more productive… Another option is to use filters and then go back and forth between but I found that it slows down my workflow.

This is exactly what the glyph panel is doing. You can filter for the glyphs you need and then double click it and it will add be added as a component.

Yes. But it shows it in a list… Can we get an option to see it as we see it in the Font view? And can we have it as a separate window that stays open? This can help.

I think it can be a very useful option if you add Filters menu to the right of this component window, like in the Font view. That way you can have this window open all the time, and scroll between the different tags. I found myself switching back and forth all the time. We can make a screen share if you would like, to understand how it can improve the workflow.

You mean a separable window with the glyphs so you can insert components? Like this?

Try Window > Glyph Panel. This is also what Georg was talking about, by the way.

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Yes!!! Exactly. I thought he meant the cmd+D list. Sorry about it. So now, the only feature needed is the Filters menu on the right, Like in the Font View, So you can scroll between tags. Then it will be perfect! Thanks a lot @mekkablue

@mekkablue I just tried to use it. Nothing happens when I try to open a glyph from the Glyphs Panel… And when trying to copy a glyph, it crushed.

When you double click a glyph in the Glyph Panel, it will add a component to the currently active layer in the top edit view. So you need to have a layer open in the edit view open and activate the select tool.

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I see. Thanks a lot @GeorgSeifert !! It works if I follow your instructions, and it’s very useful. Thank you!

And I’ll see if I can add better filters to the glyph panel.

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Great. Thank you. I suggest to check the crush as well. Much appreciated.

@GeorgSeifert I think it’s also worth adding the following options to this panel:

  1. Option to change the glyph size like in the Font view.
  2. See the anchors in the selected glyph.