Is there any way to get rid of the extraneous 'Variable' style export in a variable font?

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In this variable font I’m designing, I have a variable font setting called ‘Variable’, and in the finished file, I also have a style called ‘Variable’ that’s the same as the Variable Font Origin (Black in this case). I can’t figure out how to get rid of the duplicate (without removing this setting, but then I run into an issue with Regular being weight 200 instead of 400). Is there anything I’m missing?

The variable export settings should not be called ‘Variable’. It should be ‘Regular’ or ‘Italic’ (for a italic variable font).

If I do that, it then has the a similar issue to the no-setting export (e.g, it uses the Variable Font Origin master, completely ignoring my normal exports), so I’m stuck with weight 1000 instead of 200. In addition, Sketch seems to then force weight 400 to what it thinks is the master; 399 and 401 both interpolate correctly.

I’m working on version 3.2 (it is in private beta right now). There I extensively worked on the variable font export. So you should wait until this version is out.

Ok, thank you!

I don’t quite understand. What exactly happens?

What should work is the following:

To the variable font setting, add a “Localised Family Names” parameter. Enter a new family name (preferably something like “Portland Variable” – different from the static family, this is important).

Set the instance name of the variable font setting to the name of the instance that corresponds to your variable font origin (first master in the file, unless you have a custom parameter modifying this).

Did you try this?

Please don’t add the instance name to the variable font settings. It will mess things up. The current implementation is not really working but I’m almost done with fixing it properly. So just a tiny bit of patience.

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Huh? This is how it used to work up until very recently. Is this not the case anymore?

I admit I have lost track of what is the current best practice, with things changing every day.

Maybe a concise variable font naming/STAT production workflow documentation would be helpful once there’s a stable release.

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