Issue installing fonttools modules: 'Failed to get HEAD (unborn)' error

I’m encountering an issue while trying to install fonttools modules. Whenever I attempt the installation, I keep getting an error message saying ‘Failed to get HEAD (unborn)’. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to resolve it?

That is of the because of slow internet connection. So try again a bit later?

When you get this error, choose Script > Open Scripts Folder, and in the folder that opens, go into the Repositories folder, and delete the fonttools folder there.

Then close and reopen the plugin manager and try installing FontTools again.

From what I can tell, a slow connection isn’t the direct cause, but it might lead to the download being incomplete by the time Glyphs has quit or restarted, which is what causes this error. I can reliably reproduce this error by clicking “Install” on a module in the Plugin Manager window and then quickly pressing Cmd+Q to quit before it finishes downloading. The error appears after I restart Glyphs and try to install the module again.

Is it possible for Glyphs to fix this? Maybe Glyphs could delete the folder if the download isn’t completed by the time the app has quit or restarted. Or prompt the user to retry the download on the next startup.

Glyphs is already doing some of that, but I can try to reproduce your steps to see if there are cases that are currently not covered.

With respect to slow internet connections, that is something we are working on, especially for the Python module that is by far the biggest download.

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It works. Thank you a lot