Issue to export circled numbers in VF


I’m facing a problem to export circled numbers in VF.

Incompatible outlines. This can be caused by outside transparent overlaps.
Glyph “five.circled” layer: “Ultra” 

These glyphs are composed of two components (circled + xxx.dnom), and all the child components are compatible.

However, when I decompose all the components, the shape order unexpectedly changes for one glyph. I suspect this is the cause of the issue.

I sent you the file by email.

The circle component in the “Nord Ultra” master has a leftover attribute. it had a “reversePaths” set to zero. Some code only checks if that key is set, not the actual value.

Select the circle in the “Nord Ultra” master and click the “Reverse” checkbox twice, that should clear it.

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I didn’t notice that, thanks @GeorgSeifert !

There was no way to realize that. I was suspecting something like this and copy pasted the components from another master and then made a diff of the file before and after.

It’s exactly that :sweat_smile: