Issue with out of sync components not being undetected

I have a set up where there is an outline

being used as a non-automatically aligned component with synced RSB

If the LSB of the original outline is changed

This causes the component to be out of sync.

The issue is that the now visually out of sync component is not marked red and there is no update buttom…and running update metrics doesn’t detect this. Only once the component is manually nudged does it indicate that it is out of sync.

Follow up question:
If the component is not automatically aligned, should changes to the metrics of the original affect the metrics of the component?

I can answer the follow up: Normally, yes. But in case where that is not desirable, you can add an “origin” anchor to the base glyph.

Can you send me the file that I can have a look at the updating issue?

Sent file.

Trying adding an “origin” anchor to the base but it doesn’t seem to be having an effect.

Sorry, it is “*origin”

ah okay. that works.

I fixed the missing metrics key warnings.

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