Issue with plugins and errors (3135)

Hi, From two days ago, I updated new cutting edge version. Version: 3.1.1 (3135)
But after that, suddenly this situation is happened. (attached screenshot)
A lot of plugins are not working ;-(

So I tried to reinstall Vanilla, Python from the module,
also reinstalled plugins, reinstalled glyphs3 file itself, but it doesn’t change…

I don’t know what is the big reason. May I get some help for this issue from the forum?

*set up: python 3.10.7 / new vanilla from glyphs module / mac os 10.15.7 / glyphs 3135

Thank you very much in advance :wink:

Glyphs 3 crashing on launch via Vanilla error - #13 by GeorgSeifert

Thanks! solved :slight_smile: (=by reinstalling vanilla & python again, picked the python version that says ‘Glyphs’ at addons)

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