Issue with Rename Glyphs

There is a bug with Remove and Rename Glyphs in Custom Parameters. I have some Removed Glyphs instructions such as those showed in the attached image.

The problem is that when I am generating the font, the following windows error appears.

That wasn’t occurring using the latest Beta version of Glyphs (in which I was able to generated this family). I think that something is happening during the Custom Parameters process and the writing of the OT features. It seems like the OT feature is written after Remove Glyphs but before Rename Glyphs.
Somebody can help me with this?
BTW, if you want to see the local feature that is calling the Error Windows, this is a image of that feature.

I doubt that this would have worked before. Only automatic features are subsetted. So this would have filed before.

And you don’t need to remove the glyphs that you like to rename. That is done automatically.

Eliminating the Remove Glyphs parameter when the Rename Glyphs parameter was changing the name was enough to generated the files. Thanks @GeorgSeifert