Issue with Shape reorder filter

Lately I’ve been running into an odd problem with the Shape Reorder filter. It isn’t every file and it isn’t all the time, but this is what sometimes happens:

I have a multi part glyph that isn’t interpolating because the components are out of order, so I use the tool to sort them into the same order. But when I click reorder, I get this:

One of the glyphs (I think it has always been the bold and not the regular) is split apart and spread out. The only work around I have found is to cut and paste each piece back in place, which is really annoying when you have 11 pieces.

It has mostly been this particular font project, but I have seen it happen in other files though not as frequently.

Is there something I can do to fix this problem?

That looks like the auto layout is kicking in. If you build glyphs like that without anchors, either disable the auto layout in Font Info > Other or disable it for all components in that glyph before you reorder the shapes.

I looked at font info > other, and found that disable automatic alignment is already checked.

Can you send me the font then?