Issue with the Amount of Data in GlyphData

Hello dear Developer, why does GlyphsApp show 63,268 pieces of glyph information, while the GlyphData.xml file only displays 32,751 pieces? I need to modify the glyph information for Chinese characters(han) in GlyphData. I cannot find glyph data related to Chinese characters in the GlyphData.xml file. Where can I find more comprehensive glyph information that includes Chinese characters? Do I have to add them one by one?

The Han info items are added in code from ranges. You can check a written out version: GitHub - schriftgestalt/GlyphsInfo at Glyphs3

What do you like to change? Would it makes sense to include it into the default data?

Thank you! I’m trying to experiment with combining components to form Chinese characters, so I need the glyph data for Chinese characters in my experiments. That’s all.