Issue with the Variation Interpolator script

I am using the Variation Interpolator script (for my Devanagari font) to interpolate and generate variations for iMatra_reph-deva.
For generation, I rely on the main and the background layer to design the final interpolation.
Here’s what the main layer looks like for iMatra_reph-deva:

Here’s what the background layer (Cmd + B) looks like for iMatra_reph-deva:

I am trying to generate 24 varitions.
But, in the generated variations, the common component glyph used for “reph” shrinks in size and is displaced in the interpolated versions.
Here’s how iMatra_reph-deva.00 looks like (ideally this should be very similar to iMatra_reph-deva):

Here’s how iMatra_reph-deva.24 looks like (ideally this should be very similar to the background layer of iMatra_reph-deva):

When the reph component is decomposed, it works fine.

Please assist with this issue and let me know how can I help.

Can you send me the file?
And have you considered to use a smart component? That way you get live updates in all variant glyphs and you can fine tune the width.

The reph-deva I believe is already a smart component. It has the required anchor points correctly set.

Where can I send you the file at?

You can send it to support at this domain.


I just tried and it works fine for me. Do you have the latest version of the script?