Issue with Virtual Master and Smart Components

I’m experiencing an issue with exporting a font with a virtual master. The master and the virtual master in the brackets are both made up of nested smart components set at different parameters.

It seems the issue has something to do with how nested components decompose. If I manually, decompose everything to outlines, the export works.

I’ve noticed manually decomposing components behaves differently when applied in the master vs. virtual master (bracket layer):

In the Master, right-click Decompose reveals the smaller components that make up the large component.

In the Virtual Master (which contains the same component as the master), right-click Decompose immediately reduces everything to outlines, skipping over the smaller components.

Could the export issue be caused by components not fully decomposing, making them incompatible?

I’ve tried in the older and new versions:
Version 2.6.4 (1286)
Version 2.6.6 (1346)

Can you send me a sample font?