Issues exporting fonts with glyphs 2 and 3

Hi, this is José,

I am having trouble with glyphs when I am about to export any font I have created in glyphs 2 or 3. This issue has appeared from nowhere. I used to work with glyphs since 2019, and now is not working anymore. Do you know what it could be the reason os this fatal error?

I have copied the inform details if you need to figure out.

Thank you!

Do you get any error messages?

No, glyphs just shut down itself. I have. a file where shows the output code from glyphs 2.
[File] (ítulo%203.rtf?dl=0)

It says it crashed trying to remove overlaps during export. Does it work if you export it without removing overlaps?

If not, can you send us the file in question?

(Pro tip: upload it as plain .txt, not .rtf.)

I have tried to remove all the options as overlaps and autohint. The only way to export is by creating a plain .ttf file (My glyphs versions is 2.6.6).

Can you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look.

Many path directions are wrong. Select all glyphs, choose Paths > Correct Path Directions for All Masters (Cmd-Opt-Shift-R), then try exporting again.