Issues with brace layers in Glyphs 3

In Glyphs 3, creating a new brace layer requires a restart to take affect:

  1. Create a new layer based on a master
  2. Rename to desired axis
  3. Layer stays regular (non-bold) and ignored; reinterpolations won’t work image
  4. Save and close font file
  5. Reopen font file: Layer works as expected (bold, used, reinterpolate, …)

Personal addition: The new window looks like enhanced UX. For me, directly editing the layer’s name felt more easy. By editing, the’s a hidden feature: By adding one extra character, the layer could get “commented out” (deactivated) easily. Probably there’s another way I didn’t use out of laziness up till now :wink:

There seems to be another bug due to this:

  1. Copy the new brace layer into a second brace layer (after the steps above); don’t change the numbers
  2. Drag’n’drop the new brace layer on top of the previous one
  3. All master layers get cleared, probably Glyphs also crashes (not all time)

Due to a restriction in this forum, I had to delete additional screenshots I made for this bug report. Getting this notification after I carefully added a screenshot to many steps is probably discouraging posting further bug reports. Posting this then wasn’t possible due to “an error tagging the topic”. I had to open a new topic.

The brace layers are not set by the name. You need to set the layer type from the context menu and then you get a proper UI to set the coordinates.

@GeorgSeifert ah, OK, it’s hidden in “Layer-Art”. Even though I already looked up the context menu several times, this term didn’t draw my attention. I would have expected a top-level item that’s easy to reach. As a developer I usually prefer to code over clicking through submenus :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great work so far!

It is on my list for some time to put the layer type items in the first level. Just didn’t get to it, yet.


@GeorgSeifert thanks for the quick implementation and shipping :slight_smile: