Issues with Corner components

Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing well. I just wondered if there was any advice for my issue with corner components.

I am trying to build some serif corner components and even with the anchor points added and contours reversed it is still not showing up as it should. I might be doing something wrong but any advice would be super helpful thank you!

For extra info I am currently using glyphs2

What anchors do you have?

I would move the whole thing to the left that the starting node is in the LSB-line.

In the corner component glyph, the origin point (x=0, y=0) is your imaginary corner. Move the serif to the left until the top part aligns with the left boundary of the body.

Hello I have an origin anchor and a left anchor. Also just to clarify what is the LSB-line?

Oh thank you that fixed the issue! :slight_smile: