Issues with fonts under Linux

The font that I created works great on my mac - installing it, putting it as a browser font all works as expected, however I have issues with it under Linux:

  1. The rendering doesn’t look good at all on browser - some letters look bigger than others and in general it’s extremely flaky.
  2. Placing the font as a default browser font in Firefox - didn’t work for some reason. Works for other fonts.
  3. In OpenOffice Writer, when I choose the font, it gives you a random weight of it to use and it doesn’t let you specify weight. The “Bold” button doesn’t work either.

Is this a variable font you’re talking about? Can you share some screenshots of what you mean?

Those rendering issues sound like problems with the hinting. MacOS (mostly) ignores hints, so it will look good.

did you export as TrueType or OpenType?

This should help: Learn — Search results for: ‘Hinting’ | Glyphs

Please refer to Linux experts what are the requirements for a default font in Firefox. I assume that you are missing some key characters.

Yes, my hints are wrong, fixing them now.