Issues with Mac Big Sur & Glyphs

Anyone else having issues with Mac Big Sur update and Glyphs? Glyphs wouldn’t open my .ttf files and then I did a cutting edge update and now Glyphs won’t even open. What did I do?!

I am not having any problem with Big Sur and Glyphs 3

Can you try this:
If that doesn’t work, can you drag the app into an Terminal window and add /Contents/MacOS/Glyphs\ 3 to what it has there that it looks something like this: /Applications/Glyphs\\ 3
Then hit Return and post everything here that shows up.

I actually had Glyphs 2 and don’t want to do the upgrade to 3 at the moment.

How can I reinstall Glyphs 2? It’s not working at all anymore.

Reinstalling will probably not help. The most likely problem is a plugin. Can you hold down the Option and Shift key when you start the app. That will disable all custom plugins.

I just tried that and it doesn’t work either. I cannot open app at all its not responding.

try following the steps in the Crashes | Glyphs page

Maybe it helps:

Yes this did the trick. Thank you so much!

Do you happen to have a cleanup app line MacCleaner?

No I do not, should I get one?

Now it says " The following plugins slow down the start of Glyphs. Please update them, or contact the developer to improve performance. DrawBot.glyphsPlugin".

This warning can be ignored. I need to remove it.

Hmm. It’s not working again. App isn’t responding and won’t let me open any files .