It says glyphs "won't have outlines", but they do

Although upon export I’m getting this: everything looks and works fine.

There’s error because these glyphs (as their non-accented ones) have a bracket trick layer in the bold master. But to have some automation that’s way I did it: I created “clone” glyphs that have original glyphs’ bracket versions as main ones. And then I used “clone” glyphs as components inside accented letters.

So maybe that’s the problem?

Can you send the font to support [at] glyphsapp . com. I need to have a look at this.

Upon further inspection, Bold weight in the file I sent you doesn’t have those glyphs exported after all.

It seems to work only if involved glyphs are decomposed manually. So strange.

I have experienced the same problem but i found out that it happens when you have a master font “with different layers of fonts weights”, in this case 3 fonts. when i export it, it didn’t generate most of the glyphs.

I’ve tried to export the same font individually, and it works like charm!!. Am working on an Arabic font, and on trial version of the software.

Is it a bug in the software, I like to know before buying the software!!

Are the outlines compatible? Which error message do you get at export time?

This is a link to the message snapshot

What do you mean by compatible lines?

The export works when exporting the fonts individually, not as master font, also all the outlines are decomposed.



Is the lines being compatible is to have the same em and X heights values across the fonts weights of the master font? Coz my fonts aren’t. i can imagine this could be the problem.


No, they need to be point-compatible, i.e. the glyphs need to have the same number, sort and order of points in each master. Otherwise it cannot interpolate.

The error message says that your masters are not point-compatible with each other.

Possible quick fix: go through all masters (Cmd-1, 2, 3) and pick Layers > Correct Path Direction (Cmd-Shift-R) for all glyphs.