‘Italic’ setting for variable font?

Where in Glyphs do I set a variable font to be ‘italic’? All the regular old instances have ‘italic’ in their names, and ‘is italic of …’ is set, but where do correctly I set it for a variable font?

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You have an ital axis with value 1.

Where and how would I make such a thing?

You add an axis called ital, and you set all masters and instances to ital=1.

Great thanks, but Glyphs still exports the files as ‘MyfontVF.ttf’ overwriting the Roman. How do I best deal with this?

In the Variable Font setting (instance), add a fileName custom parameter. And what is the name of you Variable Font setting?

Oh you create an instance for VFs. Did not know that. So I made a VF instance, it is active and with the name ‘Regular’. Now this is the Italic file, and since it is variable why is it called Regular?

So confusing for a senior citizen such as I.

Oh, and where do you generate it? Under the ‘OTF’ like all the other instances, or under the ‘Variable Fonts’ export tab? (Under ‘Variable Fonts’ it appears.)

Finally, how do I set the “2 Mac Roman 0x0” name? It is still reported as ‘Regular’ in FontTableViewer.

Somewhat confusing.

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Why not chain the instance name to Italic?

I know too little about Variable Fonts to know that ‘linking’ is an option. Do you have a guide article on this stuff?

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