Italic style linking does not work

I’m trying to link Italic styles.

I have one fontfile with two masters: Reglar and Regular Italic.
The Reglar Italic master name changed by itself when I filled in the italic angle.

In this layer I design the italic. I made 2 instances; reglar and italic. At the italic when I check the italic box [italic of] Regular Italic.
But it doesn’t work?
It still show the regular version & when I export I get 2 files (both regular and no italic).

Can anybody help me out? What am I doing wrong?


You should keep upright and italic in two separate files and make sure they have the same family name. You only want two masters in one single file if you plan to interpolate, which, I believe, is not the case here. The master names are not important. What counts are the style names of the instances. In the style linking you have to put the precise style name of the instance you want to link to, e.g., Italic is the italic of Regular, assuming the regular’s style name is actually Regular.

There is a chapter in the handbook about this.

It worked with two separate files.
After importing the two otf files I could select regular or italic.