Italic VF has name ID 2 = Regular

I get:
namerecord nameID=“1” platformID=“3” platEncID=“1” langID=“0x409”
FontName VAR Italic
namerecord nameID=“2” platformID=“3” platEncID=“1” langID=“0x409”

Is the style name handled by “Name” in VF settings or somewhere else?

3.0.4 (3099)
In the same vibe it has:

  • macStyle value=“00000000 00000000” instead of macStyle value=“00000000 00000010”
  • fsSelection value="00000001 11000000 instead of fsSelection value=“00000001 10000001”

I know there might be a motivation behind regularizing italic VFs, but Mac Word finally fixed their style linking issue in the last beta, and if I patch a proper STAT table + ttx all the Italic bits and style name, then it works super fine in Word :slight_smile:

Hi Rosalie,
have you got style linking work in Adobe apps?