Italic VF has name ID 2 = Regular

I get:
namerecord nameID=“1” platformID=“3” platEncID=“1” langID=“0x409”
FontName VAR Italic
namerecord nameID=“2” platformID=“3” platEncID=“1” langID=“0x409”

Is the style name handled by “Name” in VF settings or somewhere else?

3.0.4 (3099)
In the same vibe it has:

  • macStyle value=“00000000 00000000” instead of macStyle value=“00000000 00000010”
  • fsSelection value="00000001 11000000 instead of fsSelection value=“00000001 10000001”

I know there might be a motivation behind regularizing italic VFs, but Mac Word finally fixed their style linking issue in the last beta, and if I patch a proper STAT table + ttx all the Italic bits and style name, then it works super fine in Word :slight_smile:

Hi Rosalie,
have you got style linking work in Adobe apps?

Yes. But Adobe still requires the nameID 25 to link separated VF for Roman and Italic. So you need to add “Name Table Entry” custom parameter in your variable font settings in the exports.

In the upright font:
25 3; FontNameRomain
In the Italic font:
25 3; FontNameItalic

I did that, but it still doesn’t work CMD+Shitf+I in InDesign to activate italics. Curiously, if the text is in italics it does work to return to Roman.
In Word or TextEdit everything goes ok.

Ah, on my side it works but I also patched a proper STAT table
Only testing in Indesign so far

Can you please send me those patched STAT.ttx of both upright and italic? To the support email. Thanks in advance.