Italics: sidebearings when background active

An odd behaviour I just noticed:

I am working on an italic and Glyphs takes into account the italic angle for the sidebearings shown in the info panel. When I activate the background then this magic seems lost and the “raw” sidebearings are shown. Could this be fixed? Thanks!

Related bug:

For italic fonts, the sidebearings in the foreground are always shown as integers even if I have a Grid Spacing of 0 (zero). This seems to be triggered by any non-zero value in the master’s Italic Angle field. Could this be fixed? Thanks!

Fixed both issues.

What precision would you expect for RSB and LSB if the grid is zero? Is one fractional digit enough?

Oh, great!

I’d expect the same precision as in the X, Y, :left_right_arrow: and :arrow_up_down: display that shows up when I select something. Somehow, that seems related. At the moment, we have three digits but maybe one or two digits throughout would make more sense. Anything beyond that I’d consider “that precision I don’t see but I know is there and that’s good”.