Just-in-time extrapolated master :)

I’ve read the posts on extrapolated masters. Very useful.

I have an old typeface that I’m trying to rework. It has just one weight (medium). I configured glyphs to have 3 masters, adding light and bold. I can copy the medium to light and create the light version. With these two in place, I can extrapolate the bold, add it back as a master and then touch up the bold. So far so good.

Just wondering if there is a way to extrapolate the bold as and when I edit the light for each glyph. For example, I take ka-tamil from medium and create the light. Is there a magic script, plugin or button that will add the bold so I can edit it there and then?

Not sure if this is what you mean but you could try the re-interpolate function, which is in the gear menu of the layers palette. Does it do what you want?

If you want an instant preview of the extrapolated bold (in the bottom bar) then you can set up an instance that corresponds to the bold master and give it a “Disable Masters” filter that disables the bold master. That way, you can preview the same that you would get by applying re-interpolate on the bold.


Exactly what I wanted. Thank you :pray: