Kannada Language is not available under Indic


Kannada Language is not available under Indic

Please support kannada language.

Supporting a language means several thing. First is to add the needed glyphs to the glyphData file. Then add the feature code generator and lastly add it to the sidebar. The first step is there. So if you add your own feature code and glyphs, you can produce Kannada font just fine in Glyphs.
We are working on adding the missing parts.


I understand. when you do you plan to add feature code generator and place it in the side bar.


Keep in mind that the Glyphs devs don’t have a lot to go on with Kannada—there are very few Kannada fonts available. Google has commissioned several Kannada fonts, and a glyphs-to-FDK based template for production, so next year there will be a lot more for them to look at.

Great. Is the google project on github? or any opensource?


How about this for source:


The projects are just starting, so don’t expect much before November. You can find India Type Foundry’s template for Kannada at: https://github.com/itfoundry/hind-mysuru

I added Kannada to the sidebar. The glyphset it not complete yet and there is not feature generator for Kannada.

thank you. I tried updated the software. No update is available.

Please check below project. if this helps complete the glyphset and feature generator.

I want to develop few Kannada fonts. I am dependent on this.


It is only available as a cutting edge version. You need to activate it in Preferences > Updates.

Thank you.

Please complete “glyphset” and create feature generator for Kannada as soon as possible.

Please let me know if I can assist in anyway.


Please complete “glyphset” and create feature generator for Kannada as soon as possible.

I think taking things slowly might be a little better. For starters, there should probably be a conversation about how CV pairs are handled. Kerns, prebuilt glyphs, and mark attachment are all possible and have their merits and drawbacks.

I just uploaded a new beta version that includes Kannada OpenType feature generation. There are some known issues but my sample text looks good against the Adobe Kannada font.

I worked a bit on decomposition, that means what parts are needed to most effectively build all glyphs and what glyph are needed. I only added the conjuncts and ‘precomposed’ glyphs that have a custom shape.