Keep alternates next to base glyph

I would really like to see this function work fully. It seems it only works for A-Z etc. Not numerals, and not punctuation.

It would really be nice if this could be fixed.

Do you mean you want all the ones together, and all the twos, etc.? I prefer having all the lining figures together, and all the subscripts, etc.

If I have A and A.ss01 I want the A.ss01 to come after the A when I click ”Keep Alternates next to base glyphs”. This works fine for A, but not for one (1), exclam, period, ellipsis, quotes etc. They come in random order.

It I don’t click the ”Keep all…” they should come lined up after all non-stylistic glyphs. This also only works for letters A-Z and not punctuation and numerals.

So this button does not work propely.

If it would work, both you and I would be happy, you would keep the button not clicked, and I would click it – on this font :smile:

No, I want the “Keep all…” function too–I’m just saying that, for figures, I want the suffix to retain priority over the digit for the sorting.

Do you know about File > Glyph > Update Glyph Info? Sometimes if my numbers get scrambled, updating their glyph info puts them back into an orderly pattern. I can’t recall if it also works with punctuation.

File > Glyph > Update Glyph Info does the trick. Thanks!

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This only works as a temporary solution. If you save the document, then close and re-open, the alternate numbers no longer follow the base glyph. Any thoughts on how to correct this?