Keep Masters formatting in Edit View after closing file

Sometimes you make elaborate selections in Edit View, one line Condensed Master, next Extended, next one Light and Bold etc. Then you close the file and that’s all gone, everything is set in one Master. Very annoying when you set up tabs to show someone specific things. It’s also not very convenient to script it, you don’t always need to iterate through all masters etc. Can this information somehow be retained on save?


What exactly do you need that gets lost from one file opening to the next?

You mean different master layers of the same glyph in the Edit view? Look into:

  • Edit > Show All Masters
  • Master Stepper plug-in from Plugin Manager (and its extra options Shift-clicking, Ctrl-clicking, Opt-clicking)

What he means (I think) is that you can save a file with loads of different layers in the text view (a result like from the Path Problem Finder, for example), but when you re-open the file, only the text is displayed (in one master), the layers are not retained.

Yes, not even as a result of a script, but just during working on a multiple-master setup you end up with many different styles mixed in the edit view, in different order and maybe only specific few masters at a time and then this information is lost. If it could be baked into the files just like text entered in the tabs, that would be great.

We are working on this. Will be working better in a future version.

Future version as in Glyphs 4? :eyes: