Keep the ‘smooth’ angle

Hi! Is there a built-in way to keep the angle of the “smooth” nodes, if the relative offcurve is moved with a code? Thank you!

I think you might need to tress the Option key while moving the off curve node.

Oh, sorry, I meant if you move one “smooth” off-curve with a script, is there a way to update the position of the other one accordingly? Maybe somehow trigger the update that happens in the select tool?

Ok I didn’t see the script tag.
Does this help?

nodes = Layer.shapes[0].nodes
nodes[7].x = 300
Layer.shapes[0].setSmooth_withCenterNode_oppositeNode_(nodes[9], nodes[8], nodes[7])

The path looks like this:

	<GSNode 0x60000a730660> 675 25 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a730f00> 812 163 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a730600> 812 334 CURVE SMOOTH,
	<GSNode 0x60000a732340> 812 505 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a733f60> 675 643 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a730d80> 507 643 CURVE SMOOTH,
	<GSNode 0x60000a731560> 338 643 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a733c00> 201 505 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a731680> 201 334 CURVE SMOOTH,
	<GSNode 0x60000a7315c0> 201 163 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a731500> 338 25 OFFCURVE,
	<GSNode 0x60000a730360> 507 25 CURVE SMOOTH
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Yes, that’s perfect, thank you!