Keep track of things

We just added tags to the forum. This is mainly meant for me to keep track of things. Please add bug or feature if appropriate. Also do that for older posts if you think they are not resolved, yet.


How do I add a tag to an older post?

For me, there is a small pencil icon next to the title of the thread. But maybe it is only there for me because I’m admin. If you can’t figure it out, post a link to the tread in here and I add it.

Would you like us to post things here that we’ve discussed by Skype/email to keep everything in one place?

No, just the things already posted here. We are still searching for a good bug/issue/task tracking tool. The tags seem like a tiny first step.

I’m not seeing the pencil, for example at Feature suggestion: width criterion for filters

What about opening a dummy GitHub repo so that we can report things there?

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That was one of the options we discussed.

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