Keeping a list of available old versions for download

I understand there is a way to download previous versions entering the link directly like
But it’s a bit tricky to find the right version and link.
Can you have a list of the available versions? Or at least a folder in the server with all the zips, so you can choose the right one between the available ones.
It would be IN-CRE-Í-BLE

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I don’t keep all beta version on the server. Here is a list of all stable versions (that are still on the server):

If you need a easier version, you might try to decrease the build number.


Great I was looking for this right now!

Has the formula for downloading old versions changed?

I’ve tried all sorts of variations of

  • (the current one downloads as -1192

…and I keep getting the message “File not found!”

Also, the tutorial at is out-of-date in its recommendation. If possible, please update this for the next person who searches for this answer. :slight_smile:

The current version is 2.6.1

Ohhhh duh, thank you. I had misunderstood the formatting, because 2.6.0 versions didn’t have the .0 in the URL.

Thank you, @etunni

The latest stable version is: