Keeping references to glyph names up to date

So, do I have any other options? I don’t know ObjectiveC to port the script, and even if I did, I still use FontTools and I wouldn’t want to rewrite that too.

Can we have an official class that does this, say GSGlyphReference, I can’t possibly be the only one who needs a functionality like this.

I can add such a class.

But I’m thinking about some other options, too. E.g. use of dedicated glyph name suffixes to group the extra glyphs, or use of tags.

Suffixes would for for glyph variants, but I still have glyph assembly that needs other data besides glyph names and I don’t think I can use glyph suffixes here (a glyph assembly is an ordered sequence of parts, each part needs to record a glyph, a flag, and two measurements that need to be set by the designer).

I added GSGlyphReference.

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Thanks! Works just fine.