Keeping uppercase diacritics in sync with lowercase

I’m designing an all uppercase font (lowercase characters are the same as uppercase). What is the best way to

  1. Copy all of the uppercase diacritics to lowercase
  2. Make sure uppercase and lowercase diacritics are always the same (in sync)
  3. Generate all lowercase diacritic characters by using the uppercase characters?

Any help would be great, thanks!

Suggested reading:

Thank you! I hadn’t read that tutorial. It looks like my main 2 options are:

  1. Remove all lower case characters (as the tutorial says)
  2. In the Add Glyphs window, use a recipe to sync the lowercase and uppercase together (A=a B=b C=c D=d E=e F=f G=g H=h I=i J=j K=k L=l M=m N=n O=o P=p Q=q R=r S=s T=t U=u V=v W=w X=x Y=y Z=z) by using components

Use option 1.
Option 2 is not recommended any more.