Kern feature problem?

Hi, I bumped into a weird problem when I generated a OpenType font with Glyphs 2.2.1. The kerning feature does not work in Linotype Fontexplorers preview or in TransType 4 preview window. But when I activate the font it works fine i.e. in Adobes programs or in web browser.

Then I made a little test with new Glyph file and with just couple of kerned glyphs and the result was the same. Any idea what is causing this?

That is weird? Honestly, it does not surprise me that something does not work in the Fontexplorer, especially older versions that were still Linotype-branded. Some software only looks for kern tables rather than the kern feature in the GPOS table. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Yes, weird. I forgot to say that fonts that I have made with older versions of Glyphs have worked perfectly also in those programs.

Could you send me one font that does work and one that doesn’t?

I sent those fonts to you

Hi, I sent the fonts last friday to the info@… email. Did you receive those?

I was not in the office for the last week. I hope I catch up soon.