Kern pair dump script

Does anybody have a script that dumps all the kern pairs in a font to a text file or a text frame? I’m mentoring someone and I would like to be able to just review their kerns without spending an hour reviewing a comprehensive kerning proof.

The most straightforward way is to select all pairs in the Kerning window (Cmd+Option+K) and click “Show All Glyphs” in the gear menu in the bottom right. This will display all kerning pairs for all groups, exceptions, and glyph-only pairs.

Will result in a huge amount of text though, depending on the amount of kerning you have.

I didn’t even think to just step through the kerns that way! Thanks.

This script should work as well. It adds spaces between pairs. wei-glyphs-scripts/Show Kerning at master · weiweihuanghuang/wei-glyphs-scripts · GitHub

What do use that list for?