Kerning and Features not working in Word 2010

Hi, I’m new in producing extensive fonts with Glyphs.
So I’m sorry in case I did not find the right tread.
I did look at this:

and this:

However, I’m testing a font family, that has automatically generated features and is fully produced according to the Glyphs play-book. Yet features and kerning do not work in Word 2010. The features are even greyed out.
I would drop it and blame it on Word, if I would not have fonts, produced with the AFDKO and even files from a friend produced with same version of Glyphs on my computer that just work fine. The features are similarly complex.

Any idea where to start?
I did disable all features. > Still no Kerning.
Tested with only one simple feature enabled. > still grey OpenType Features
I mimicked the naming-structure of the working fonts > no luck.

Could it be related to the fact that the fonts have only 225/242 Mac Roman and 211/217 Windows 1252 glyphs?

Thanks in advance for every tipp,