Kerning broken in OTFs exported from version 2.4.2 (987)

It seems that 987 is building the GPOS table differently, wihch effectively breaks the kerning. Looks like mark is inserted twice.

This bug must have been instroduced after 983 (which exports the GPOS fine).

Could this be fixed please? I guess it is a rather urgent bug.

can you send me a sample font?

Same here! Kerning not working when exporting with 987.

When using 983 (the build I used before) kerning works just fine…

I’ll see, if I can provide a file as well…

this is fixed in 990 but I introduced a crash. I fixed it and working on another kerning related issue and will upload a new version soon.

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thx for the update on that!

Version 991 fixes this