Kerning Cache problem in G3

Hi guys,
Is there a reason why when exporting from Glyphs v2.6.6 the kerning is not recognised in G3? The kerning works in Adobe, but when I open the .otf inside G3 it’s gone.

I’m working with another designer and he’s working in v.2.6.6 and I’m checking the files in G3 but the updates are not visible to me.


Wait. What are you doing?
You exchange font data by opening .otf files???

No. He designed the font and I’m checking it for kerning mistakes. I just opened the otf in G3 and his kerning revisions are not there anymore. But if I open it with G2 it works. It’s the first time that I encounter this.

Can you send me the .otf for testing?

What version of Glyphs 3 do you have?

I have Glyphs 3.0.3 (3091)

Can you try the latest cutting edge version (Activate it in Preferences > Update > Show cutting edge versions).

Yes, updating G3 fixes the problem. Thank you.

Hi Georg,
I have another file from one of my designers. He saved the file in G3 but then the file won’t open even after updating to the latest version. Wondering if you could take a look at it and let us know if there’s something we can do to recover the file…
Thank you!!!
TALL.glyphs (76.4 KB)

You should get an error that points to a faulty line. The problem is usually above that line. If you open the file in Textmate and set the file type to “Property List (Old-Style)”. Then go that line (Cmd+L helps with that). Then you see that the line is treated as all text. So scroll up until you see some colors. That is this line:

2241: metricRight = "10\";

The backslash at the end is the problem. Remove it and it will work.

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Fixed. Amazing. Thank you!