Kerning displays right in Glyphs

I started using Glyphs (the Trial version) today, and began kerning random glyphs to test it out - everything seemed to work fine.

Then I found out about Kerning Groups (Linke und Rechte Kerning-Gruppen), and began assigning Glyphs to different Groups. I used the name “reverse” (or something like that, I can’t recall anymore) as a name and got an error on export. It worked fine after I changed the name of the group (and redid the kerning) - but now it seems like most (if not all?) of the kerning pairs do not work anymore!

The kerned Font looks great inside Glyphs, but the exported .otf font seems to have no kerning at all.

I am pretty sure it is my fault (I am pretty new to making fonts), but what could be the problem here?
I feel like the kerning got messed up once I started fiddling around with Kerning groups…

/edit: I deleted all kerning and kerning groups, and redid some kerning without using groups, but they do not show up in the exported .otf Font, either.

Can you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look?

I just sent it via email to

Thanks for the support!

Same problem

What are you calling your kerning groups?

A and V

Are you testing your font via the Adobe Fonts folder?

Sent an email

No I am not

It is now no longer allowing me to export the font again in otf

It is most likely a font cache problem. If you want to test your font in TextEdit, you need to change the Font Family Name in the Font Info before each export:

Not sure if the clear cache worked because it does not show my exported font anywhere

Did you fix the feature code. It is outdated and contains some glyphs that are not in the font.

Thanks, that fixed it, GREAT support!