Kerning doesn't seem to be working in Microsoft programs

I read the other forum posts about people having issues with Microsoft. A lot of people were saying that it was a font cache issue. However, I sent it my typeface to a friend and the kerning didn’t apply at all. So it wouldn’t make sense that it was a cache problem since he had no old versions of the typeface on his computer, right? In adobe programs it works… Has anyone come up with a smooth solution to this problem?

Did you activate the kerning? It’s disabled by default.
What version of office did you try?

I will tell my friend to try that, thanks! I’m not sure which version he has.

Looks like he did enable the kerning and nothing happened. I believe he has around a 2013 version. To be honest, I’m targeting designers who wouldn’t really even use Word haha, but still it seems odd that something like that would be an issue.

Nick, you have to understand that this info makes it impossible for anyone to help your friend activate the kerning for his version of Word. OS? App version? Tried all the solutions from the Microsoft support pages yet? Applies for both the TTF and the OTF?