Kerning doesn't work when I export the file

Hello, I have already read the other question with the same problem.
When I export the file and I use it in illustrator the kerning is completly different. I use the Adobe fonts folder, the kerning settings are on metrics and I’m sure 100% that I’m using the right font. I try to use it also in the ABC Dinamo Font Gauntlet and there is the same problem.
In another question in this forum I read that a possible solution would be to open the Kerning Panel and run “Compress”. I do it but now I cannot anymore export the file, it compare an advice that says:

“There was a problem writing the file
Subtable Overflow: tableType: OTGPOS LookupIndex: 2 SubTableIndex: 0 ItemName: lookupList ItemIndex: 0”

What does it mean? How I can resolve this problem?
Thank you!

The kerning info takes too much space, Probably because your kerning groups are pretty large, and you have many exceptions.

Thank you! And what I have to do? I have too many glyphs with the unlock padlock?

Consider reducing kerning, eliminating exceptions (anything that is not bold and dark blue in the Kerning window), getting rid of small pairs (there are scripts for that) and unnecessary pairs (germandbls with eth, numerators with letters…) and so on.

Thank you! Is working!

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How many glyphs are in your font and how many kerning pairs do you have?

At the moment 610 glyphs and circa 2’500 pairs

Then you have WAY to many pairs. If you need so many pairs, your spacing is not good enough. Or is there a reason for this?

Is not really a normal font, is quite sperimental, so I need a lot of pairs.
But I also see a lot of “normal” fonts, like Stanley, with more than 3000 pairs and they works without problems

Working without problems and being correct are two separate things.

And there are ways to get even much more kerning to work. That don’t mean that it is a good idea. So I urge you to reduce the kerning pairs as much as possible. Could you send me the file that I can have a look?