Kerning exception for multiple glyphs

I am working on a font with Vietnamese accented glyphs. I understand how kerning exceptions work, but what I did not find out was how to make a kerning exception of multiple glyphs at the same time. Say the ‘ohorn’ is part of the ‘o’ group. Because of the horn on the right, I want to make this side a kerning exception. BUT the ohorn comes with different marks as well (ohornacute, ohorngrave, ohornhookabove, etc). How to make all of these part of a kerning exceptions group, without removing them from the ‘o’ group in general???

It is probably a good idea to use a separate group for all ohorns. Depends on the design of course, but I guess you have the horn sticking out on the right, so it does probably not make sense to kern them exactly as the other o’s.

@mekkablue - I know I should treat them differently from the other o’s, but I was being ‘lazy’ and thought there might be some kind of neat ‘exceptions’ trick, so I could keep them in the o family and kern the right side differently… I am all for making my life easier…

In that case, you are making it more difficult. Latin glyphs that change on the sides, like letters with Czeck and Slovak vertical carons and the Vietnamese horns, are better off in different groups.