Kerning exceptions in fractions


I ran into problems with kerning exceptions in fractions only (kerning exceptions in other places work). Glyphs App displays the fractions correctly, InDesign kerns too much where the locks are open. I tried in different InDesign files. For now closing the locks or creating a new kerning group helped.

Any record of this problem?

Thank you!

How did you test? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

And why kerning exceptions for fractions? How do you have your groups set up?

Yes, I use the Fonts folder. So far it worked out well to have the superiors assigned to 4 groups: zerosuperior, onesuperior, foursuperior, sevensuperior. But anyway, creating exceptions in fractions shouldn’t create problems. Or is that tricky?

Fractions are not special regarding kerning.

I would rather give every denominator figure its own group, then reuse the groups for the numerators (i.e. one.numr and one.dnom share the same groups). Then group kerning between the small figures and the fraction slash suffices. I never needed exceptions for small figures.