Kerning exceptions – unlock across masters

Would it not make sense to have the unlocking of kerning exceptions to always be synced across masters? I mean, if I lock up the lock on one master I most likely would like to unlock on the other masters too. By doing this it would save up quite much time when kerning.

Not necessarily in a Multiple Master context because it would likely create kerning exceptions with zero kerning in all the masters you do not work on. But it could make sense in an OTVar context. Perhaps there should be an option Keep kerning locks in sync in all masters.

What you can do now already is copy the Kerning from one master to the other, then set all kern pairs to zero with a script (you can use my Adjust Kerning script already for that).

There is no reason (other then to save a few clicks) to have an exception in all masters. They are interpolated fine (in MM and OTVar). And the chance is high that you don’t need them in the other masters and thous save the need to manually intervene there.

Came across this thread when noticing the following:

A pair in an interpolated style, Medium, got Kerning Values which don’t seem to be in between the Kerning Values of the Regular and Bold Masters. Turns out that Tà is kerned without exception in Regular (group T kerned against group a), but works with an exception in Bold (group T kerned against exception agrave).

Could this cause the problem?
Does this make sense are we doing something wrong?

Re-phrase: can only pairs without exception be interpolated with pairs without exception?

Thank you!

Yes, of course.