Kerning Group don't get exported

Hi, my “A” kerning group does not get exported to the final .otf files?
Fonts got created with Glyphs 2 and effects several different font Families.
Latest Glyphs Version (3066)


Just noticed this bug also appears in old files exported with Glyphs 2.

Would need to see the full pair you are exporting. Groups only get exported if they are used in group-to-group kern pairs.

And going back and forth between compiling a binary and reverse engineering the binary again is not a good way to test kerning. Better to test it in apps like InDesign.

Honestly, I was close to get a panic attack, because this files had been delivered to hundreds of customers. But you’re right, the bug appears only in Glyphs 3 preview.
First tests in Illustrator and InDesign looked fine.


Opening an OTF means reverse engineering compiled OT tables, and that involves a bit of a guessing game. The information does not get stored the same way as inside a .glyphs file. So exporting and reopening the file in Glyphs will lose some information.

Can you send me the .otf so that I can check why Glyphs can’t read the kerning correctly?