Kerning group for accents

Hello there,
Afer I did the kerning on my roman font, I started to design the necessairy accents; worked very wel with creating composites. After reading the tutorial for kerning groups, I start trying. Making a group by fill in left and right kerning for the a-accent glyphs: the a.
But it doesn’t work: The a-grave or a-macron doesn’t have the kerning of the a.
I compressed the kerning in the kerning menu but that doesn’t work.
What to do?

Make sure:

  • the a (without accents) also has groups set
  • all similar glyphs have the same groups, best to run the Set Kerning Groups script
  • the kerning you are looking for is really group kerning (group-to-group) and not an exception (glyph-to-glyph)

After you add the groups as Mekkablue mentioned, you need to open the kerning panel, click the action buttin in the lower right and select “Compress kerning”. This copies the kerning form the glyph to glyph pairs to the groups.

And you may need to compress kerning twice. Because it converts:

  • glyph-glyph to group-glyph,
  • glyph-group to group-group,
  • group-glyph to group-group.

YES! Now it works! Saves a lot of time (and mistakes). And with unlock, a pair – T and a-grave, for example – can make an exeption.
Thanks a lot.

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