Kerning groups and forgotten glyphs

I use kerning groups. So, say, all A glyphs in one group. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I forget to add an accented glyph to the kerning group and when I am done kerning and realise I forgot to add some accented glyphs, I have a problem. See, if I just add these glyphs to the group, they just don’t want to follow the rest of the group, kern wise.
Is there a trick for this, or should I just redo all my kerning? It is driving me crazy. When I had Fontlab Studio, it didn’t matter - whatever glyph I forgot to add to the group, would later on follow the group kerning. Not so in Glyphs.

I don’t understand. What is the problem with just setting the group for the accented glyph?

Let’s say you have set your kerning groups and completed your kerning but forgot to set the groups for AAcute. You can just set the groups for Aacute later on and the kerning will work perfectly. That’s the whole point of kerning groups.

Well, not here. I just kerned a whole font, set my kerning groups but forgot to add all accented o’s. I added them to the kerning group and they just did not kern like the rest.

So now I am redoing the %^$# kerning

I added the accented o’s to the group and then checked for kerning - all kerning was good, except for the accented o’s which I had just added.
I didn’t save the font file, though, so maybe I should have done that???

Can you show a screenshot of your kerning with the o diacritics?

Not anymore, I am redoing the kerning and I didn’t save the file. I will try something else, one moment…

I will come back another day: this font is almost done and I don’t want to screw around with it.

Save a backup file.

I still don’t understand why your o diacritics are apparently kerning “differently” (how?) than the o. Are you sure you have set kerning groups properly and used group kerning?

I think I forgot to set the kerning group for the o completely. I kerned the o without it being in an o kerning group. Then when I added the accented o’s, they didn’t kern. Could that be it?

That was it. You can go though the kerning pairs in the kerning window and click the close the lock for them. Or when you are brave, run “Compress kerning” from the kerning windows action button.

Haha, I guess I was in a hurry to finish it! Thanks Georg and Sebastian!